About Us

LGL Limited (1971) was named after its three founding partners: Aird Lewis (d. 2008), William Walker Hamilton (Bill) Gunn (1913−1984), and John Allen Livingston (1923−2006). 

We are an employee-owned environmental research and consulting firm serving clients in Canada, the U.S.A., and internationally. LGL's client base spans industry, government, Indigenous groups, public corporations, academia, and non-governmental organizations. LGL's regional offices are located in King City (Greater Toronto area) and Cambridge, ON; Sidney, BC; St. John's, NL; Anchorage, AK; Bryan, TX; Ellensburg, WA; and Vladivostok, Russia. A number of satellite offices are distributed throughout North America.

Our founders recognized the inevitability of human activities expanding into previously undisturbed areas. Given that, they believed strongly that it is essential for scientific information to be used in planning such advances. They also believed that much could be gained by working with industrial proponents and regulators to help develop and implement effective mitigation procedures through objective, science-based approaches.

Although the need for environmental conservation has always been a strong element in LGL's approach, the philosophy from the outset has been that there is an important role for us to work with agencies, industry, and potentially affected parties toward identifying environmental problems and determining whether and how they can best be resolved. We also recognize the role our scientific research plays in contributing to the body of knowledge on natural and human-influenced ecological systems.

Our work involves: research, conservation, and management in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments; environmental planning; impact assessment, mitigation and environmental management planning and monitoring; habitat assessment, habitat compensation design and construction; fisheries stock assessment, resource management; project management; environmental permitting; expert advice and testimony; field studies and logistics; data processing and analysis; information synthesis; as well as reporting and publishing our work.

LGL is very effective at building and working with project teams comprising expert consultants in other firms and in academia. Our professional biologists work closely with other discipline specialists such as design engineers to ensure that environmental considerations and permitting requirements are addressed in a practical and cost-effective manner.

We have developed a widely recognized expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and computer information technology for biological applications. GIS has been applied successfully in conjunction with Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers in radio telemetry studies of fish and wildlife and for collection and analysis of field survey data using our proprietary software, Telemetry Manager and several recently developed data-collection apps. Some other areas of special expertise include application of aerial surveys, photoidentification and photogrammetry, UAS, radar, and acoustic methods in environmental studies. Bird hazards to aircraft projects have also been a specialty throughout LGL’s history.

We have conducted thousands of projects since 1971. This body of work, including hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications, demonstrates our scientific competence in the field and office, our ability to evaluate the environmental impacts of human activities, advance scientific knowledge, and satisfy or exceed the requirements of our clients and regulators.

To this day, LGL holds true to the philosophy of our founding partners. Our continued success as a company for over 45 years attests to the credibility and integrity of the firm and its employees.

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