Forest Planning and Assessment

LGL Limited provides expertise on forest planning and assessment for First Nations, governments, and public planning tables. Our work spans scales from strategic forest planning at landscape and regional levels, down to the finer details of ecologically sensitive cublock and access layouts.

LGL helped develop an ecosystem-based forest plan for the Kaska Forest Resources Stewardship Council. That was a community-based planning process for the Kaska Dena Traditional Territory in the Yukon Territory. A draft Regional Forestry Plan for the Kaska Dena traditional territory and a draft Sub-Regional Forestry Plan for the Little Rancheria Woodland Caribou Herd Winter Range were also developed as part of that work.

We have also been involved in similar planning approaches in British Columbia by providing technical support to the Kaska Dena Council in developing the Dease Liard Sustainable Resource Management Plans (SRMP). These plans identify management goals and objectives by resource sector. LGL Limited provided technical support to the Kaska Dena Council on the biodiversity, wildlife, and forestry chapters of the plan. The plan was developed through a community based decision process with the Kaska Dena and Province of British Columbia as planning partners. A similar approach was applied to the North Liard Sustainable Resource Management Plan by the Kaska Dena. The plan was approved by Daylu Dena Council and is used to guide land and resource decision making in the plan area. Kwadacha will be the final Kaska Dena community to finalize a community-based land use plan, with assistance from LGL.

LGL has provided technical support to forestry planning and assessment during development of a forest plan for the Kaska Dena. That plan involved a strategic assessment of forest values throughout the Kaska Dena Traditional Territory in British Columbia -- an area of ~10 million ha. A multidisciplinary approach was used to assess the ecological and economic values of the area.

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