Oil Spill Planning and Preparedness

LGL provides expert services for oil spill preparedness and response including:

  • Oil spill sensitivity mapping
  • Biological resource inventory
  • Siting of oily debris handling / storage locations
  • Advice on environmental effects of countermeasures
  • Same-day quantitative inventory of biological resources during spill response
  • GIS support for response decision-making
  • GIS modelling of cleanup / countermeasures priorities
  • GIS support for documenting the spill response and impacts
  • Assessment of environmental impacts of spills
  • Assessment of value of commercial fisheries affected by spills
  • Expert advice on biological resources at risk
  • Impact assessment for spill response exercises
  • Information systems
  • Standards development

Some examples of types of studies:

  • Development of a shorezone oil spill sensitivity model
  • Preparation of oil spill response atlases
  • Aerial surveys to quantify marine mammal and marine bird distributions
  • Assessment of fisheries impacts of major spills
  • Development of guidelines for oily debris disposal
  • Development of GIS information systems for spill response
  • Biological studies of experimental spills and countermeasures
  • Literature reviews of oil spill and countermeasure impacts on biota and habitats

Special capabilities:

  • World-class experts on marine birds, marine mammals, and fisheries
  • Custom software for field data collection using portable computers, digital cameras, and GPS
  • Rapid synthesis of information to support decision-making
  • Rapid updating of response priorities to incorporate current information
  • Offices on all coasts of North America
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