Environmental Impact Assessment

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LGL Limited provides a full range of Environmental Assessment Services including:

  • Initial Environmental Evaluations and Overview Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessments – CEAA (Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency) Screenings and Comprehensive Studies
  • Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements – NEPA (U.S. National Environmental Policy Act) compliance
  • Incidental Take Authorizations – MMPA (Marine Mammal Protection Act) compliance
  • Biological Assessments – ESA (Endangered Species Act) compliance
  • Coastal Zone Management Act Consistency Reviews
  • Natural Heritage Assessments
  • Stream Crossing Studies for Linear Developments
  • Route Selection
  • Environmental Monitoring in Terrestrial, Aquatic, and Marine Environments
  • Cumulative Effects Assessment
  • Mitigative Measures
  • Compensation Planning and Works
  • Riparian Area Regulations

A wide variety of specialized methodologies are used to guide projects through the Environmental Assessment process including:

  • Adaptive Environmental Assessment Techniques
  • Environmental Information Systems
  • Matrix Construction and Screening

LGL has experience dealing with a wide range of clients and resource sectors, some of which are listed below:

  • Offshore and Onshore Wind Developments
  • Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, and Reclamation
  • Military Facilities / Operations
  • Airports
  • First Nations (e.g., CEAA Screenings compliant with INAC requirements)
  • Hydro and Power Developments
  • Tourism, Recreation, and Urban Developments
  • Pipelines and Linear Developments
  • Mining, Mineral and Aggregate Exploration, Development, Extraction, Processing, and Reclamation
  • Fisheries and Marine Activities
  • Forestry and Parks
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