Marine Mammal and Acoustic Research

Emerging Technology

LGL is at the forefront of emerging technologies in marine mammal science that improve monitoring efforts and increase safety, reliability, and efficiency. Similarly, we use state-of-the-art methods when avian detection is a required component of an offshore observation program.

Aerial Digital Marine Wildlife Monitoring

  • Professional-grade photographic equipment installed and operated in manned aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
  • Reduced risk exposure compared to deployment of visual observers
  • Expertise in large-scale image data management, synthesis, and analysis
  • Developed automated detection software for marine mammal monitoring to deliver cost effective, near real-time results

Infrared Technology

  • One of the most promising methods for detecting marine mammals during darkness or poor visibility conditions
  • LGL has conducted surveys using both aerial, vessel, and shore‑based infrared systems

Passive Acoustic Monitoring

  • Collaborated to create one of the largest and most comprehensive sets of underwater acoustic data collected globally to date
  • Custom-designed autonomous recorders to document sounds produced by anthropogenic activities and marine mammal vocalizations
  • LGL projects have incorporated both towed and fixed acoustic monitoring
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