Marine Mammal and Acoustic Research

Marine Wildlife Aerial Surveys

LGL has a long history of delivering safe, cost-effective aerial programs, and providing innovative solutions to meet study objectives.

Manned and unmanned photographic surveys:

  • Conducted more than 1,000,000 miles of aerial surveys
  • Operated out of a wide range of charter aircraft
  • Safe and efficient operations in remote regions

Customized photographic surveys:

  • Camera packages configured for target species, area coverage, and on-water resolution
  • Adaptive design and installation of camera mounting systems within aircraft
  • Flexible survey planning to accommodate dynamic operational and regulatory considerations

Marine mammal automated detection:

  • Developed species-specific software to detect Arctic marine mammals
  • Automated detections were ground-truthed with manual image analysis detections
  • Delivered an end-product capable of producing cost effective, near real-time results

Specialized equipment available:

  • Professional-grade photographic equipment
  • High-speed processors for image download and management
  • Image analyst workstations

Our seasoned staff members, proficient in traditional methods and emerging technologies, design and implement aerial programs that are customized to client needs and project specifications.

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