Vegetation and Habitat Assessment

Scientists from LGL have expertise concerning:

  • Inventories of plant species (including mosses)
  • Inventories of fungi / mushrooms and lichens
  • Vegetation mapping and classification
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Rare and endangered plant species
  • Rare and endangered plant associations

Objectives of our projects often include:

  • Assessments of Habitat suitability for various plants and animals
  • Habitat modeling
  • Effects of development and/or disturbance on vegetation
  • Effects of development and/or disturbance on individual (rare or otherwise important) plant species
  • Ecosystem classification for baseline studies and inventories
  • Determination of sensitive ecosystems
  • Development of mitigation and restoration strategies for disturbed habitats
  • Recultivation and monitoring

Typical projects include:

  • Assessment of projected impacts on rare and endangered plant species and rare plant associations in areas slated for development
  • Assessment of the impacts to rare and endangered plant species and rare plant associations along linear structures (pipelines, right-of-way, highways, etc.)
  • Restoration of altered / disturbed habitats
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of vegetation management

Specialized methodologies:

  • Global positioning system (GPS)
  • Vegetation sampling equipment
  • Habitat evaluation procedures
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Habitat modeling
  • Multivariate statistical analyses: Ordination (Principal Components, Canonical Correlation, [Detrended] Correspondence Analysis); Classification (various clustering techniques, TWINSPAN, Marxan)
  • Distance sampling and analysis
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