Watershed Assessment and Restoration

LGL scientists take a multi-disciplinary approach to watershed assessment and restoration and have expertise in:

  • Fish biology and habitat
  • Wildlife biology and habitat
  • Vegetation
  • Hydrology
  • Watershed dynamics
  • Riparian, stream, wetland, and upland habitat restoration

Our projects typically include:

  • Assessment and restoration of wetland, riparian, and upland habitat
  • Condition assessments of aquatic habitat and watershed processes
  • Preparation of integrated watershed, fish, wildlife, and habitat recovery plans
  • Designing channel, riparian, and habitat restoration measures
  • Construction supervision during the restoration of rivers, streams, and critical fish and wildlife habitats
  • Effectiveness monitoring of completed restoration projects

Key steps in our focused approach to assessment and restoration involve:

  • A watershed overview of current conditions through air photo interpretation and reconnaissance level field surveys
  • Detailed habitat assessments and identification of priorities for restoration
  • Topographic surveys of potential restoration sites and preparation of restoration designs
  • Integration of fish, wildlife, and vegetation requirements and consideration of site constraints in restoration design
  • Construction supervision and effectiveness monitoring of restoration project
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