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Falkenberg, Nancy

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Senior Ecologist/Botanist
Butternut Health Assessor

Joined LGL in 2008


M.Sc.: York University (Landscape and Restoration Ecology, Botany) 2000
B.A. (Hons.): York University (Specialized Honours, Geography) 1996

Professional Interests

  • Landscape and restoration ecology
  • Habitat assessment and management
  • Species at risk management
  • Invasive species management

Capsule Resume

Nancy Falkenberg has undertaken work for both the public and private sectors and has worked across a range of projects involving provincial and municipal highways, mine sites, hydro and pipeline corridors, cellular transmission towers, industrial and residential development, natural heritage systems, and has conducted research projects for several provincial and national parks. Nancy's role ranges from project manager, researcher, surveyor, monitoring, report writing and review, to client liaison. Work on these projects ranges from ecological restoration, invasive species management, impacts to plant and animal species at risk under the Ontario Endangered Species Act (2007) and their management, and habitat assessment and management. In Ontario, Nancy works within the provincial guidelines related to the ESA (2007), the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, the Greenbelt Plan, the Niagara Escarpment Plan, and other respective provincial, municipal, and conservation authority regulations.

Currently, Nancy is the biology lead for the Highway 407 East Extension in Ontario. This work includes extensive research on species at risk including detailed research, liaison with respective experts, extensive field surveys and monitoring for several species at risk including Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, Barn Swallow, and Butternut; as well, she has prepared detailed frameworks which serve to guide restoration commitments. Other detailed studies Nancy has undertaken include the investigation of impacts by Double-crested Cormorants on soils and vegetation, White-tailed Deer browsing impacts on vegetation suites, comparison between variations in trillium stands, comparative studies related to impacts of garlic mustard, common buckthorn control, and a range of ecological restoration and protection projects involving meadow, wetland, riparian habitat, savanna, and forest.

Nancy is a designated Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Butternut Health Assessor, she is a certified Ontario Wetland Evaluator, is certified to delineate habitat using the Ecological Land Classification for Southern Ontario, and has experience with the Forest Ecosystems of Central and Northwestern Ontario. She regularly undertakes field investigations to identify plant species, terrestrial and wetland habitat delineation, overall habitat assessment for the purposes of protection as part of natural heritage systems, as well as evaluating impacts and recommending mitigation measures related to development. The outcome of environmental data research and collection includes the preparation of permit applications under the Ontario ESA, natural heritage reports, environmental impact statements, environmental management plans, tree preservation plans, environmental inspection reports, restoration details and plans, planting plans, and monitoring programs.

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