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Schein, Allison

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Aquatic Biologist

Joined LGL in 2017


M.Sc.: Canadian Rivers Institute at University of Prince Edward Island & University of New Brunswick (Aquatic Ecology) 2009
B.Sc. (Hons.): Queen’s University (Biology) 2007

Professional Interests

  • Aquatic ecology
  • Water quality
  • Aquatic environmental effects monitoring
  • Fish habitat restoration and enhancement

Allison Schein has over seven years of experience as an aquatic biologist. Her work focuses on projects in the areas of environmental impact assessment, ecological risk assessment, Natural Resource Damage Assessment, and contaminated site assessment. Allison completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Queen’s University and a Master of Science in Biology (Aquatic Ecology) at the University of Prince Edward Island (as part of the Canadian Rivers Institute). She is a Registered Professional Biologist with the College of Applied Biology in British Columbia.

Allison has experience providing recommendations on the type of sediment quality guidelines to apply at a contaminated site. In addition, she has been involved with an ecological risk assessment to support environmental risk management at a contaminated harbour in British Columbia. This included calculating various metrics from chemical concentrations in sediment and tissue samples, such as hazard quotients and mean probable effect level-quotients. Allison’s work on this project also involved classifying sediment samples as toxic or not toxic based on toxicity test results and examining the incidence of toxicity in different parts of the harbour, as well as above and below chemical benchmarks.

Allison has provided water quality-related advice to First Nations as part of the environmental assessment and permitting processes, including evaluating water quality issues and concerns related to various mining projects in British Columbia and Yukon. For example, Allison has reviewed baseline surface water and aquatic resources monitoring reports and provided recommendations on the collection and interpretation of baseline water quality, sediment quality, benthic invertebrate, and periphyton data. She has participated in the development of site-specific water quality objectives for receiving environments at and downstream of mine sites, on behalf of First Nations (e.g., Minto Mine, Blackwater Mine). In addition, Allison helped create a guidance manual for conducting baseline monitoring and developing water quality objectives for freshwater ecosystems in Yukon. She also contributed to the development of the British Columbia water quality guideline for cadmium. Furthermore, Allison has participated in the design of field sampling programs by writing Quality Assurance Project Plans and Field Sampling Plans that outline the reasons for the sampling and how the samples will be collected. Allison’s skills include field work, data compilation, database development, statistical data analysis, document review, report writing, and report editing.

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