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Papini, Flavia

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Wildlife Ecologist

Joined LGL in 2018


M.Sc.: McGill University (Biology) 2016
B.Sc.: McGill University (Biology) 2013

Professional Interests

  • Wetland ecology
  • Applied conservation; Species at Risk
  • Amphibian and reptile biology
  • Botany

Capsule Resume

Flavia Papini has considerable experience in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems across Canada. She has participated in long-term academic and government projects monitoring threatened species and habitats in the Great Lakes coastal wetlands of southern Ontario and the boreal fens of northern Alberta. Her graduate research examined the reproductive behaviour of an endangered amphibian and the associated implications for population persistence.

Flavia is an accomplished field biologist, having worked on bryophytes, vascular plants, insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Major themes of that work include amphibian conservation, wetland vegetation inventories, and the development and implementation of habitat restoration strategies. Her other strengths include sampling design, data collection, database management, and public outreach with students, landowners, and government employees towards the communication of scientific information and achievement of conservation goals.

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