Staff Directory

Harris, Ross

Senior Biologist

Joined LGL in 1981


M.Sc.: University of Ottawa (Ornithology) 1989
B.Sc.: University of Toronto (Biology) 1977

Professional Interests

  • Bird hazards to aircraft safety
  • Marine mammal populations and behaviour
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Monitoring and mitigation
  • Impacts on bird and marine mammal populations associated with oil and gas exploration and development
  • Gulls, shorebirds, seabirds, Arctic, and boreal birds

Capsule Resume

Ross Harris is a wildlife biologist with specialized knowledge and experience in ornithological studies. With over 30 years of field experience, he has developed expertise in the implementation, data analysis, reporting, and management of a wide variety of field studies and environmental assessments. These have included projects in the Canadian Arctic, arctic Alaska, the continental United States, Nicaragua, and extensively throughout southern Canada. Ross has conducted aerial (fixed‑wing and helicopter) and boat-based surveys of birds and marine mammals, breeding bird population censuses, rare species surveys, museum collecting trips, and behavioural studies of birds and marine mammals. The wide range of species investigated includes waterfowl, seabirds, shorebirds, songbirds, gulls, blackbirds, crows, seals, whales, and terrestrial mammals. With LGL, he has developed expertise with bird hazards to aircraft (gull/landfill/ airport) studies, wildlife control, animal diseases transmitted to humans, environmental impact assessments, seabird and marine mammal surveys, and literature/interview reviews and compilations. Ross has authored or co-authored about 60 reports/papers.

In recent years, Ross has been the project manager for bird surveys and impact assessments associated with the proposed Mackenzie Gas Project, and with exploratory drilling offshore from the Mackenzie Delta, both in the Northwest Territories. He also has been involved with marine mammal and seabird monitoring during seismic exploration offshore from Newfoundland, nuisance effects of gulls associated with a landfill at Welland, Ontario, and aerial surveys of bird and marine mammal populations in the central Canadian High Arctic. Ross currently is working on an assessment of the effects on marine mammals of construction and shipping associated with a mine development in the Canadian High Arctic.

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