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Holst, Meike

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Marine Ecologist

Joined LGL in 2001


M.Sc.: University of Alberta (Environmental Biology and Ecology) 2000
B.Sc.: University of Guelph (Marine Biology) 1997

Professional Interests

  • Marine mammal and sea turtle distribution
  • Behavioural and feeding ecology

Capsule Resume

Meike Holst is mainly involved in marine mammal monitoring and mitigation programs during seismic surveys and military training/testing. She has participated in planning, conducting, and reporting of ship- and aerial-surveys of pinnipeds, cetaceans, and sea turtles in various regions, including the Mid- and North Atlantic, Beaufort Sea, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and Eastern Tropical Pacific. She is the senior author of reports for several of these projects. Meike also prepares permit applications pertaining to the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act and environmental assessments of marine seismic surveys. In addition to projects related to seismic surveys, Meike is involved in monitoring the behaviour of pinnipeds in response to missile launches by the U.S. Navy in California.

Based on Meike's master's thesis on marine mammals in the Northwater Polynya, Baffin Bay, she co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed journals on the distribution of pinnipeds and cetaceans. Meike has also published articles on such topics as predation pressures on intertidal snails and freshwater algae composition in disturbed lakes.

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