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Smith, David

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Fish & Wildlife Technician

Joined LGL in 2006

Degrees & Diplomas

Dipl.: Sir Sandford Fleming College (Fish and Wildlife Technician) 2006
Dipl.: Humber College (Business Management) 2004

Professional Interests

  • Ontario Species at Risk herpetofauna
  • Terrestrial ecosystems
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Ecological restoration
  • Habitat assessment
  • Wildlife–highway relationships
  • Wildlife inventory and radio-telemetry

Capsule Resume

David Smith has over eight years experience conducting field research. He is a herpetological specialist with knowledge of all other vertebrate classes. Prior to joining LGL Limited, David was involved in both radio-telemetry and population studies of numerous Ontario Species at Risk herpetofauna. Since joining LGL Limited in 2006, David has been involved in many Class Environmental Assessments for provincial highways and municipal roads. His contributions include biological inventories, environmental impact statements/assessments, inspections (environmental), secondary source reviews, and permitting exercises for over 70 Environmental Impact Studies and over 35 municipal and provincial roadway environmental assessment studies. David is currently involved in permitting under the 2007 Endangered Species Act. David has participated in and/or coordinated various wildlife surveys including breeding bird, bat, amphibian, turtle nest, deer corridor, mark-recapture/radio-telemetry of Species at Risk herpetofauna, and inspection of culverts for migratory bird nests. As a fish and wildlife technician, David has extensive experience conducting fish habitat assessments and securing fisheries related permits and approvals for provincial and municipal infrastructure projects, Class Environmental Assessments, Fisheries Act Authorizations and Block Plans.

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