Bird Hazards to Aircraft

LGL offers many services, primarily to airports and landfills, to assess and resolve bird hazard issues. Our work at major and regional airports and at landfills throughout North America has made us a leader in this field.

Hazardous wildlife and habitat conditions on and adjacent to airports

LGL has specialized expertise to identify hazardous wildlife conditions and/or habitats in the vicinity of airports. We present evidence as expert witnesses at public hearings and provide advice to airport operators and landfill owners.

Formal risk assessment of identified hazards

LGL and our associates have the expertise to conduct risk assessments that comply with government risk assessment expectations.

Science-based comprehensive wildlife management plan to manage wildlife hazards

Because we take a biological approach to wildlife management and control at airports and landfills, we focus on the set of actions that provide the best results for long-term management of wildlife. By developing an integrated, comprehensive plan, we ensure that our wildlife management programs are effective and efficient resulting in long-term compliance and cost-savings.

Wildlife management training

Effective wildlife control requires ongoing training. LGL can set up and conduct initial intensive and “refresher” training programs to ensure that all airport / landfill personnel with wildlife management responsibilities are given the information required to carry out their roles.

Wildlife monitoring programs

Hazardous situations frequently require ongoing monitoring in order to adapt wildlife control activities to maximize their effectiveness. LGL can design, conduct, and report on wildlife monitoring to provide managers the information they require in a clear and concise format.

Wildlife hazard awareness program

It is important for everyone involved in airport operations to understand the implications of wildlife hazards and what they can do to minimize those hazards. LGL can develop and assist in the implementation of a wildlife hazard awareness program.

Solutions to airport / landfill operations that exacerbate hazards

Airport / landfill operations sometimes contribute to wildlife hazards. LGL can identify where such problems exist, and work with managers to resolve them.

Reporting needs and permit requirements

Government permits are usually required to conduct wildlife control programs. LGL can identify the necessary permits and procedures for obtaining those permits. LGL can also set up a reporting process to meet all requirements.

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