Marine Mammal and Acoustic Research

Data Management and Reporting

LGL offers support for all stages of data management, from database planning and design to final validated data, statistical analysis, and reporting.

Custom database construction, including:

  • Database planning, design, and implementation
  • Development and testing of custom data collection forms
  • Restricted values and automated error flagging

Efficient, accurate data collection ensured by:

  • Automated data collection and validation where appropriate
  • Detailed manual review where required
  • Low-bandwidth options for remote field sites

Flexible in-season reporting:

  • Multiple reporting streams (daily, weekly, event triggered)
  • Automation of reports available in a variety of formats
  • Easy access to data through pre-defined queries and online maps

GIS integration to facilitate:

  • Collection of spatially aware data
  • Ability to uncover geographic patterns and trends
  • Interactive web mapping

LGL’s data management team emphasizes automation and web-based application to ensure clarity, accuracy, and accessibility of data to clients and stakeholders in near real‑time.

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