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Wood, Charlene

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Wildlife Biologist

Joined LGL in 2013


M.Sc.: University of Alberta (Conservation Biology) 2012
B.Sc.: Simon Fraser University (Biology) 2006

Professional Interests

  • Biodiversity, indicator species, and habitat associations
  • Terrestrial and riparian ecosystems
  • Community ecology and multivariate analysis
  • Conservation biology and restoration ecology

Capsule Resume

Charlene Wood is a keen ecologist and entomologist who possesses a detailed knowledge of the flora and fauna of terrestrial ecosystems across British Columbia and northern Alberta. She is interested in classification, natural history, and habitat requirements of numerous fauna, ranging from insects, to amphibians, birds, and mammals. Charlene has designed, conducted, and led various field surveys, including inventories of beetles, reptiles and amphibians, small mammals, songbirds, and cavity-nesting birds and mammals. She is also well-versed in habitat classification and has performed biodiversity inventories of understory vegetation. While studying the habitat-associations of beetle communities living in deadwood, Charlene gained expertise in beetle taxonomy, discovering eight new species to science and documenting a number of new provincial records. She is particularly interested in monitoring assemblages of epigaeic beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae and Staphylinidae) and ground-dwelling spiders (Araneae) as indicators of habitat change in order to assess the effectiveness of restoration and reclamation programs.

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