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Warrior, Magena

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Resource Management Biologist

Joined LGL in 2021


M.M.M.: Dalhousie University (Marine Management) 2020
B.Sc.: University of British Columbia (Global Resource Systems) 2016

Professional Interests

  • Marine protected areas
  • Marine and land use planning
  • Fisheries management
  • Indigenous consultation and engagement
  • Noise effects on the marine environment
  • Landscape ecology
  • Policy analysis

Capsule Resume

Magena Warrior developed a strong interest in marine management, in particular marine planning, through her experiences in community-based conservation initiatives. She is particularly interested in finding ways to improve marine governance that respect Indigenous rights, laws, and knowledge. As part of her graduate program, Magena focused on marine planning initiatives and on Indigenous governance, rights, and consultation.

Magena has worked on a variety of projects in marine science, marine conservation, Indigenous engagement, Indigenous knowledge systems, and Impact Assessment. Through these projects, Magena gained experience in collecting social (e.g., interviews) and scientific (e.g., visual census surveys, seawater sampling, plankton tow) data, conducting policy analysis, analyzing social and scientific data, authoring technical reports, facilitating workshops, conducting Indigenous engagement, and collaborating with Indigenous nations, stakeholders, and other governmental bodies. Magena continues to grow personally and professionally through her involvement in local community initiatives, professional workshops, and educational programs. Magena is a Métis Nation BC citizen representative on the Environmental Advisory Committee.

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